Memphis City FC vs Birmingham Hammers: Specific Predictions Edition


Here we go… just two more days before Memphis City FC hosts our Birmingham Hammers in a match that will determine which new franchise claims the upper hand in this early NPSL season. Honestly you guys, this game is a litmus test for the Hammers as they face off against an opponent in very similar circumstances. Both clubs round out the bottom of the table with MCFC on 1 point and the Hammers on 0 points. Both clubs are in the initial seasons in the NPSL. And both clubs are coming off a somewhat underwhelming performance where they had a player sent off. Not exactly how either franchise wished to start their inaugural seasons. 

Hold the Door Hammers! Memphis City FC vs Birmingham Hammers Preview


Graphic Courtesy of Shawn Carter, @ShawnCarter_UA on Twitter

Ok – just a tangent before I get into to soccer talk. No spoilers either (I promise). But can I just say that this week’s Game of Thrones has ripped my heart out once again. Damn you George R.R. Martin and HBO. That last scene hit me pretty hard unexpectedly. Some of you may think I’m crazy, but if you watch Game of Thrones, you know what I’m talking about. Totally devastated here.

Ok – got that off my chest. Thanks for sticking around with me. Now onto soccer talk.

Knoxville Force vs Birmingham Hammers: Three Specific Predictions

FullSizeRender (1)Happy Friday to all of you fine folks of the Magic City. I can tell… you have been pining all week for my three specific predictions for the upcoming Hammers match against the Knoxville Force. In fact, I have already received a couple of messages / emails asking when I was going to update the BBL. Well, I plan not to disappoint, so strap in and get ready for the weekend by reading my hot takes.

Knoxville Force vs Birmingham Hammers – Ain’t No Holiday Road


Graphic courtesy of Shawn Carter, @ShawnCarter_UA on Twitter

Pack your bags folks. The Boys in Red are road-tripping to Knoxville this weekend. The shadows of the Smoky Mountains beckon. But this ain’t no Holiday Road. The Hammers (0-0-1) take on the Knoxville Force (0-0-1) with the mission of atoning two losses from last year’s exhibition season. With three points in the NPSL Southeast Conference on the line, the Hammers will hope to return to their winning ways at the Sansom Sports Complex, in front of a hostile crowd, at 7 PM EST / 6 PM CST.

Chattanooga wins on the field, Soccer in the City of Birmingham wins off the Field


Chattanooga FC (1-0-0) traveled to Birmingham to take on the Hammers (0-0-1) in the opening match of the 2016 NPSL regular season. The result was befitting of the action on the field. The reigning NPSL Southeast Conference Champs controlled possession much of the game, but had a hard time breaking down the bunkered lines of the Birmingham Hammers. The Hammers meanwhile had their chances, but could not find enough creativity in the final 18 for more than 2-3 shots on target. In the end, a slip in the Hammers backline on a corner kick allowed for CFC’s Sam Goni to head the ball just past Brad Louis’ outstretched arms in the 25th minute. Chattanooga 1, Hammers 0. 

Hammers vs Chattanooga FC: Three Specific Predictions


Well folks. The weekend is upon us. And you know what that means… Hammers Soccer! And man alive, we’ve got an exciting one this weekend. Where will you be this Saturday evening at 7PM? If you are reading this blog and you live in the ‘Ham, I for damn sure hope you’ll be at the SHAC cheering on your Boys in Red as they take on Chattanooga FC. And bring a friend or two or twenty. The more the merrier. The weather looks ideal, the tailgate is on, and the Magic City Brigade will be singing and serenading, creating a proper atmosphere for soccer in the South. Won’t you join in on the fun?

Hammers vs Chattanooga FC: You Never Forget Your First


Graphic Courtesy of Shawn Carter: @ShawnCarter_UA

Listen up Birmingham. As many of you know, your humble scribe here at the Birmingham Backline believes that there is no better time to be a soccer fan in the Magic City. Don’t you agree? I mean, you’ve got MLS on TV. La Liga on TV. The English Premier League on TV. Bundesliga, Liga MX, Champions League, and International Soccer. And all of those leagues are great. And all of the teams in those leagues are wonderful. You may even be a long-distant fan for a team or two. But know this Birmingham… yeh, I am talking to you… there is nothing like supporting your hometown club. Say ‘hello’ to your Birmingham Hammers. 

Revolution FC vs Hammers: Specific Predictions and Projected Starting XI

I20 Cup

The I-20 Cup is upon us. Yes, the inaugural derby between Georgia Revolution FC and your Birmingham Hammers will be played this Saturday, May 7th at 7 PM local time, 6 PM CST. Something has to give, as both of these teams are undefeated in early pre-season friendlies. If you have not read my preview of this match, please click here to get up to speed. Admittedly, there is still plenty unknown about each team, but I will do my best to give you three specific predictions for this game, as well as my projected Starting XI for the Birmingham Hammers.

A Rivalry is Born: Georgia Revolution FC vs Birmingham Hammers

GaRev v HammersThere is plenty at stake as the Birmingham Hammers travel to Conyers, GA this weekend. Georgia Revolution FC (pre-season 2-0-0) play host to the Birmingham Hammers (pre-season 1-0-0) in this inter-conference derby on Saturday evening. Being billed as the I-20 Cup, the two squads look to settle years of this southern civic rivalry in the first leg of the two-match series. Welcome to the Bold South, where grassroots soccer is making its mark.