Video Highlights: Hammers vs Chattanooga FC


Thanks to the fine folks at Chattanooga FC, I present you the video highlights from last Saturday’s Hammers vs. Chattanooga FC match. You can find the video on YouTube on CFC’s channel (Mad Kemp) here.

Enjoy! (but not too much… you’re a Hammers fan, right?)

(Keep reading – video is below)

A few takeaways from my viewing:

  1. Not only did the Hammers hold their own, but the Boys in Red have some pretty sick ball skills. Notice the footwork. Notice the turns, pullbacks, the shiftiness. I will give credit where it is due: CFC held strong all evening long. Their backline was impenetrable for the most part. But while it was difficult to find the lanes for an open shot in the final 1/3 against CFC, I predict that the Hammers will score quite a few spectacular goals this year. Just watch.
  2. Willie White is a stud. I mean S-T-U-D. The ‘superior’ (haha) talent of CFC was held in check all night long by White and his backline comrades. If he can stay healthy the rest of the season, I fear for the well-being of NPSL Southeast forwards across the conference. Their worst games of the season will be against the Boys in Red.
  3. The 1-0 victory for CFC was perhaps deserved. But I think a 1-1 draw would have been equally as deserving for the home team. Your Hammers played their heart’s out for our city, our club and its supporters. Birmingham took a punch from the best that the NPSL has to offer and is still standing. We will see these guys again in a few weeks up in Chattanooga. If CFC took it ‘easy’ because they were preparing for the US Open Cup (as a few of the Chattahooligans proclaimed as we walked out of the gates), they best re-think that strategy for the next match.



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