BBLPod – Cast Intro

BHAM BackLine Podcast:
Episode 1 – Host Introductions

Welcome to the first ever podcast by the Birmingham BackLine! We want to provide the Magic City with a one-stop shop for Legion FC content, whether you are in your car, on a run, working in your garage, or wherever you listen. Enjoy the podcast, and Hammer Down!

BHAM Backline Podcast: Episode 1 – Host Introductions
  • This episode:
    • We introduce our hosts: Scott Crawford, Clay Grisetti, Simon Iles, and Glenn Stephens.
    • Discuss details about the soccer fan experience and why we love it.
    • Share why we are members of the Magic City Brigade, the first supporter’s group of Legion FC.
    • Give a highlight of the USL Championship League and our regional rivals.
    • Get hyped for our locally-owned, grass-roots founded, dedicated pitch-playing, professional soccer team!
From left: Simon Iles, Clay Grisetti, Glenn Stephens, Scott Crawford.

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