Birmingham Backline 2.0 – The Podcast

It’s not every day that you get to say that you were a part of something big from the ground up. But that is exactly what the Birmingham Backline can claim.

Back when the Birmingham Hammers were still just a plan on the back of a napkin, I typed out a mission statement for this blog:

It is the mission of Birmingham Backline to augment the fabric of local soccer media in Birmingham. We will accomplish this mission by providing news, opinions, and entertainment on the website to ensure that all local soccer fans in our community have a resource that is dedicated to what is most important to them, local soccer.

That statement was written in January of 2015. Not long after penning this mission statement, I posted the first few blog articles. And over the last four years, the BBL has chimed in with news, opinion pieces, analysis, game reviews and previews, and satire. There weren’t many others in local media doing the same and the BBL grew a modest readership.

The BBL even envisioned a day that Birmingham would have a soccer club playing in the heart of downtown Birmingham in what was one of our most popular and most shared articles to date.

And now that Hammers have transitioned into Birmingham Legion FC – Birmingham Backline is experiencing our own evolution. And the main benefactors of this new BBL will be you, the BackLiners that have been with us since the beginning, and those that will hop on the bus in the future.

Introducing Birmingham BackLine 2.0

Our mission and vision are still the same. Though, we’re going to give you more content. Not only will you receive the standard written posts on the website and all of the social media content, but we’re also producing a Legion FC podcast. Now you can listen to the BBL Podcast in the car, in the gym, as you get ready for work or around the house as you knock off some chores.


The Birmingham Backline Podcast will focus on the all things Legion FC. We will have content that informs and entertains you. Joining me on the blog and podcast will be Simon Iles, Clay Grisetti, and Glenn Stephens. Perhaps we will even have a guest or two over the season.

Our blog and podcast will cover Legion FC match previews and reviews, players, and coaches. We will also occasionally touch on the broader soccer world and general banter. Soon you will be able to find the Birmingham BackLine Podcast on Stitcher, Google Podcast, and Audio Boom (and ultimately iTunes) – but for now, check out our Podcasts Page at the top for our inaugural episode.

So thank you for being a loyal BackLiner. And join us regularly to stay informed on all things soccer in the Magic City.



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