Atlanta United – It’s Not You, It’s Me

I’ll admit it – I was never “smooth” with the ladies in my youth. In fact, until I met the most wonderful girl in the world when I was 24, I spent a good portion of my dating life in the friend zone.

Captain of the Friend zone…

Don’t get me wrong… I had plenty of “girlfriends” from grade school through high school.

You lucky few know who you are!

But once the inescapable became obvious, innocently enough – I could never bring myself to break up with these fine young ladies. The relationships always fizzled with the inevitable awkward phone call from my female companion that ended with the “it’s not you, it’s me” cliche.

Ugh – the horror. (At least today, the kids do these things via text and not awkward phone call after awkward phone call.)

But many moons have passed since those pubescent (and sadly post-pubescent) days.

I’m a happily married man to my hotty wife with three beautiful, soccer-loving kids.

And I have found that backbone that I was so dearly missing as a young boy.

So it’s time to do what never could be done back then.

Atlanta United – I need to talk with you.

I know, I know. We had our moments.

Remember MLS Cup 2018 last week?

It was a special time with my son. We made some wonderful memories.

But while my body was physically in Mercedes-Benz Stadium with 73,019 fans, my heart was with another. Notice the scarf in the video?

Yeh – Birmingham Legion has become the new object of my footy desires. Hell – we may even be soul-mates.

This long-distant relationship just isn’t working. Driving 3 hours to watch 90 minutes of soccer is too strenuous for me.

Legion FC will be playing in my backyard.

And I just can’t stand here, an honest man, and continue to posture as if I am in love with you. I’m not. Anymore.

A quick snapshot before the ATLUTD match vs. Chicago Fire in 2018. Legion FC Crest proudly displayed on my 1/4” zip jacket.

Sure sure – you have this incredible new, multi-billion dollar stadium with cheap concessions, decent sight-lines, and an amazing view of downtown.

But listen, Atlanta United. Even the initials of your stadium remind me of my new love.

M-B-S… it’s close enough to “M-C-B – my beloved Magic City Brigade – to make my heart swoon.

Atlanta United – you have done so much for the game in the Deep South. More than likely – my Legion FC wouldn’t exist without your success. But don’t feel like you did something wrong. I will always look back on these past 2 years fondly.

I just need a clean break so that I can focus on the club and city that I truly love. I sincerely hope you understand.

Atlanta United – it’s not you… it’s me.

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