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About BBL

Just a regular old sport from Birmingham, Alabama. I grew up cheering for the Braves but mostly the Auburn Tigers. I went to school in Virginia and Birmingham. I have lived in Georgia as well. But I am home now. There is no place like Birmingham.

My soccer allegiance rests with first and foremost the Birmingham Hammers and the US Men’s and Women’s National Teams. Secondly, I cheer for the L.A. Galaxy due to my 4-year old loving to watch Gyasi Zardes and Robbie Keane (and formerly LD).

I also love to watch EPL games on Saturday morning… really any team is just fine with me. The games are (for the most part) always fluid and beautiful.

My go-to formation is the 3-5-2 and I have never ever scored a goal in a competitive (relatively speaking) game of soccer. But I oh-so love this game.

Check the blog often and comment to your heart’s desire. I will make this experience as interactive as possible!


2 thoughts on “About BBL

  1. Hi Scott,

    This is Kyle. We were tailgating next to you last night. I’ve got a 5 things we learned article you’re welcome to use if you like. A couple of our points overlap, but that’s probably fine. Let me know your email address and I’ll send it over. Good summary article, btw.

    Liked by 1 person

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