The Birmingham Hammers officially named Matt Thorne their head coach for the 2018 PDL season. Check out the official press release from the Hammers here.

Thorne has done a great job as the head coach at University of West Alabama for the last 6 years and was named Gulf South Conference Coach of the Year in 2017.

If you are looking for a good coach who can develop young players and knows the area, Thorne seems to be your guy. However, the press release seems to make it pretty clear that this is a hire for this summer and this summer alone, as Thorne will not be leaving his post at West Alabama.

Thorne will take the helm for the final Hammers season before passing the baton off to the currently unannounced Legion FC coach at the end of the PDL season. It’s bound to be an exciting summer for the front office and fans alike as they put some eyes on younger players that could play a part in Legion’s future.

We will be back with more if we hear any new information but let’s go ahead and give the official welcome to new Hammers coach Matt Thorne!

Welcome to Birmingham, coach!