Last weekend’s open tryouts passed as quickly as they came. The #HammerHopefuls have made their case: they laced up their boots; they displayed their abilities and technical skills on the pitch; and they showed the coaches just how good of shape they were in during 2017 Open Tryouts.

And now they, like the rest of us, wait.

We wait to see which players received that all-important phone call from Coach Wulf telling them that they rose above the rest and they earned a spot to represent the Hammers Crest and the city of Birmingham.

We wait…

We wait for that last spell of cold weather to hit the road and for Alabama springtime weather to be here in all of its glory.

We wait…

We wait for the 2017 NPSL practice and game schedule to be released. We know that May 6th, 2017 will be the first match of the regular season against the Atlanta Silverbacks in Silverbacks Park. But when will Chattanooga FC or Memphis City come to Birmingham? When is the road trip to New Orleans?

We wait…

We wait for the 2017 kit to be released. Will the Hammers use the same jerseys as last year? Or will there be a whole new design? Will there be another kit release party?

We wait…

With all of this waiting, one has to wonder: is there anything else we should be waiting on?

I think I speak on behalf of all of you guys and gals out there… We’re tired of waiting. The 2017 Hammers season can’t get here fast enough!

And lastly, to all the players that suited up this weekend for the open tryouts. THANK YOU! Not all of you will make the squad this year. And if you don’t make the team, I urge you to continue to support the Birmingham Hammers from the stands. The Magic City Brigade would welcome you with open arms, I’m sure.

For now – good luck while you wait. See you in a few weeks!